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RF13: Baauer (Review)

It’s easy to see that EDM really is spreading and so it shined through Baauer’s DJ set at Apollo. A lot of recognizable vocals and tracks was essential through out the gig. With this said, it was an amazing concert that was off the grid! With ofc consisting of trap primary and touches of electro and hardstyle on the side. Crowd wise it was strongly represented – this is definitely because of the trap genre spreading so fast at it does. Visuals was nothing serious. We had a fucking blast and jumped throughout the hole concert. Concert wise – because we have to – it lacked some visuals, energy and the real Baauer.

4/6 Wicked trees.



SUNDAY 30.06.13 – 22:30 – APOLLO COUNTDOWN

Yesterday we came back from 3 days at the sunny island Bornholm. We went with these three guys who’s from there. We have been writing tons of posts about them and you should definitely know them by now. They are Denmarks finest when it comes to moombahton and trap. They’re playing at Apollo 22.30! We have heard some of the tracks from their playlist, so we know its gonna be huge. People will be jumping their shit in to pieces. Go to Apollo tonight and you will NOT regret it – this is going to be one of the best concerts at this years Roskilde Festival.

DJ and producer trio Nonsens has put the sunny, Danish island of Bornholm on the neon-blinking map. The guys get the party going and set your adrenaline ablaze with a poisonous green mix of rave, electro, hip hop and trap.With bad-ass beats, freaky remixes, and pitched, brash synths, Nonsens have true sound anarchy and pure party vibes written in their agenda.  



He is danish, young and talented like few else in our little country. Patrick or Sekuoia’s (so hard to spell to!) career  have the last to years only went one way and thats up! On top of that he is a really nice guy, so we suggest that you swing by to experience him. There is a great possibility  that we under RF gonna have a little talk with this guy about his debut on the big stage.

RF describes:

Sekuoia’s crackling and lingering electronica has already had him signed with acclaimed Berlin label Project: Mooncircle. Sekuoia combines the organic with the electronic in a dreamy meltdown. Dry beats, synth washes and copy/pasted vocals conjure echoes of both dubstep and atmospheric ambient. The painterly soundscapes of the young Dane are equal parts night club after midnight and stalactite cave at dawn.



RF13 – Disclosure (Live)


The closer we get the more enthusiastic I become towards this booking – Disclosure! Their huge hit “Need U (100%)” is all over the radios at the moment. The guys definitely have something extra and you don’t wanna miss out on the opportunity to hear’em before they rise to top – cause they will. They are capable of performing live (as you can see in the video below) and are also up for a serious DJ-set as you can see in their performance at the notorious Boiler Room with Skream. Video also featured below.

RF describes:

Two young brothers are climbing towards the top of the British electronic scene right now. They operate under the name Disclosure, and on their first single release they have paved the way for the future of pop, house and dubstep.

It’s chic, urban and touches upon several hot spots on the electronic genre map. If you want to see what tomorrow brings you should definitely check out Disclosure.

Guy and Howard Lawrence’s debut album doesn’t come out until the spring of 2013. Nevertheless, they have already been close to the UK top 10 with the pop song “Latch”.


THURSDAY 04.07.13 – 22:00 – APOLLO



So this is one of the artists we are really looking forward to. American Baauer! Baauer is one of the hottest producers of what has been successfully hitting all of us the last year – RUN THE TRAAP!

RF describes:

With its lion roars and insistent bass, “Harlem Shake” is the hottest stuff right now.

The artist behind the song calls himself Baauer. He’s one of the exponents of trap, one of the possible successors of dubstep.

As a one-man army onstage, he blends house, southern hip hop and bass music in his own instrumental rehash.

This promising boy wonder confidently steps into a constantly mutating musical arena. Reputable electronic names such as Rustie, Flosstradamus and Diplo have noticed Baauer.

You can be sure to find in front of the scene!

Damn Son, where can I find that?!:
THURSDAY 04.07.13 – 19:30 – APOLLO