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Spotlight: Stefan Biniak


You might have heard his name or some of this guys remixes. We’re talking about Berlin based Stefan Biniak. You probably heard his biggest track “The Read All About It Bootleg” which is a bootleg of Emeli Sande – Read All About It. If haven’t yet heard of him we can tell you that he’s a damn good producer in the “new” genre without a name (the one everyone loves and has not yet hit the radio). We don’t really know that much about him other than he must be a good dj as well because he has a lot of gigs around in Europe – so here’s a call to all the danish bookers – go get this guy.

Louis M^ttrs – War With Heaven


This guy is mostly know for his collab with Chase & Status on “Lost & Not Found”, which took him around on big (like in Glastonbury big) festivals this summer. With a voice like few he’s ready with his first single from the forthcoming EP “Beachy Head” and it is really good! This young guy is out of Brighton and we think one of the most promising male singers in England right know. A mix between The Weeknd, James Blake – with an angel voice in a dark environment. You should listen for yourself and let it play through because there is some crispy rap at the end.

RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)


We love RAC – smooth disco/pop which makes you jump around dancing on you own. He’s latest release it’s not different. Let Go is a collab with the singers Kele and MNDR and holy fuck it’s great! The release is a part of the upcomming EP “Don’t Talk” which will be released Oct 1st and we can’t wait!

Spotlight: Nico Pusch

Nico Pusch

Absence usually doesn’t bring many perks…

However, exceptions prove the rule as this post will definitely make up for the time you guys haven’t gotten your weekly dose of German handicraft in a while. So here I am, back with another TBS post. And this one delivers a pure heavyweight of Deep House – a local hero so to say. Thus, he isn’t much of a name beyond the borders of Germany (except perhaps Holland).

Nico Pusch, born in 1986 in Northern Germany, started producing electronic music in his teens, always keeping a very minimalistic touch to his musical works, and combining them with classic, organic instruments. You won’t find big drops and rowdy bass-lines in his tracks – this guy is all about emotions and minimalistic euphoria!

I have to admit, I’m absolutely obsessed with this guy! Not necessarily because of his original tracks (which, given, in themselves are pure quality), but because of his ability to take any commercially successful song, and to turn it into his.
Well, some might wonder and say “Many Deep House producers do that. They use a sample, cut it, pitch the vocals and rearrange the pieces to re-create a former chart-stormer.”
To those I say: “Not like this guy. Pusch doesn’t change the essence of a track. He removes everything around the vocalist, making you believe he sat down in a studio with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins or Bob Seger.”

However, the tracks I admire the most are his edits of monumental movie-soundtracks such as Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Pourlain and Intouchables.
Most of you should know the characteristic intros of the blockbusters that quickly became a synonym for the entire theme of each respective movie. Well, Pusch extracts those feelings and merges them with his minimalistic electronic approach to create a danceable, yet delicate version of the original – keeping his production very close to the original piece.

Last but not least, I want to end my overdue post with a one hour masterpiece-set by Pusch, containing only his own productions – perfect for any rainy/hangover-hit day: Eine Stunde Ich

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Spotlight: thefaded.


This saturday I found a track uploaded from Run The Trap on Soundcloud which fitted perfectly into the kind of style we were to play in the evening – it was called “F*ck Boys”. Then today, monday, I wanted to check out this guy who made the track. He calls himself thefaded. and he’s “a certified hood classic making machine from Oxnard, CA” as he’s description says. This suits him almost perfectly, but I find the more laidback tracks even more well produced than some of the hardcore trap tracks. He likes to use a lot of vocal which functions very well and catches the attention immediately. His EP’s are huge with more than 10 tracks on some of them. Some of the productions are better produced than others though, but I think we found ourselves a rough diamond here – this guy has a lot of potential!