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Sons of William is a Copenhagen based brand, created by the brothers Julius and Victor. We at Wicked admire their work in all kind of matter. 

The brand was founded in the beginning of 2012 and is now working out of Copenhagen and New York City. Our clothing features a futuristic aesthetic with a combination of various influences throughout. Our vision for unorthodox styles comes through in our simple monochromatic unisex clothing. The name Sons of William originates from the fact that we are brothers and the name William meaning protection. Each year we will be donating 10% of all profits to various sponserorganisations. The year of 2014, will be dedicated to street kids living in the Moscow area. This will be done through the sponsororganisation SOS Youth Homes in Russia which we have certified to live up to the standards we demand. Please note that this brand is not a charity nor a ‘feel-good-about-yourself-brand’, we only want to show generosity towards the people we think need it.

The clothing brand Sons of William recently opened a Soundcloud profile infusing their aesthetic through a musical aspect. Each month a new mix will be uploaded in hopes of pushing the boundaries for musical art. This will be done in collaboration with different dj’s and artist from all over the world. Follow their soundcloud and instagram to keep up with news.

Check out the latest news from the boys at

Till von Sein: Friday’s Guest Four

Till von Sein

Till von Sein

Starting out as a rapper and skater in the suburbs of Northern Germany in the tender age of 16, SUOL-front figure and booking manager Till von Sein stepped into the world of electronic music in 2002, after being introduced to Cubase. The first EP was eventually released in 2006 together with Till’s best friend AeraSince then, there have been a vast amount of worldwide bookings that followed the release of his acclaimed debut album #LTD. Last year, he released his own imprint of the extensive compilation called SUOL MATES on his pioneer label.

But what is truly striking about Till (at least that’s what caught my attention to begin with) is the sheer unlimited variety of songs in his collection. While browsing through his Soundcloud page, one quickly realizes the extensive diversity of music, making his channel a true treasure chest for music enthusiasts.The following 4 songs give a hint of what is hidden beneath the sets and compilations featured on Till’s various online presences.

With that being said, I leave the rest to Till himself:

Kathryn – My Love
i dont really know how you call this genre and in general im the last one who is into rock or indie etc but this one really got me a while ago and made a big comeback in my recent home listening playlist. vibes for days and beyond

Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler – Who is Manfred? – Young World EP
this is the perfect club tool for my sets.and its by far daniel´s best work in the last 2 years ( no dissrespect homeboy ;) )
when i played it out the first time i was blown away how it sounds. so fat,so well produced. big up!

Isaiah Rashad – Heavenly Father
when i first heard it a couple of weeks ago i had literally on repeat the whole day.its one of those tracks which got me hooked straight away.
im a huge rap fan eversince and he is deffo one to look out for in the future.

PLUTO. – Heart Speak
found his ep on bandcamp last week.thats the kinda music i listen to a lot at home. reminds me of if robin thicke ´s first album on star trek back then would have been produced by abel tesfaye.

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Weekend Pusch

A while ago, I already introduced you to Deep House heavyweight Nico Pusch who’s rise to German (and Dutch for that matter) DJ-stardom hasn’t found its end by now.

Smalltalk aside, this set at German “Mayday” definitely highlights just how much of an impact he’s already made on his home court, playing one of the biggest electronic highlights in Germany.

In that sense, pusch the weekend and enjoy this piece of gold before the sun goes down and Monday is creeping around the next corner!

TBS out!

Forum Live: Drake & The Weeknd


The Grammy Award winning, multi-platin selling hip hop star Drake has announced his European tour… and he’s not alone. He’s touring with The Weeknd, who’s almost as popular in Denmark as Drake himself. Forum was sold out in no time. Now it’s finally time – the 3rd of March is just around the corner. Club Molly got the honer to host the official afterparty, and as the hosts said a couple of days ago; “Put your tongues out the right places”.

We thought we would put together some history of tracks from both artists and cooperations.
Facebook event:


Spotlight: tais.


We are pleased to present a new and prominent Danish RnB producer and singer. It’s the Aarhus singer tais. from the “hukaos.” collective. In early October he released a mixtape, which is already a few days later was played tracks from P6 Beat (danish radio station). Much of his music can be compared with vocalists like The Weeknd and Drake, what might sound like big words – but is true. He produces beats, which is also in line with some of the biggest producers. American mentality shines through in the lyrics, which are not understated when singing about feelings, girls, late nights and problems with the same. Not to talk about his vocals and accent that hits the spot.

“First / tapes.” is a varied release trying to challenge a wide audience. This may seem a little strange to some people because there is so much variation in the tracks. The mixtape is also a part of the generous wave of free-download releases, which we are incredibly happy about here at the office .

About “first / tapes.” tais. says:
“It’s a mixtape which has many different angles of the mood that I’m trying to fit. It is made quite spontaneously and is a collection of songs that I feel are a good insight to where I wanna go with the music. More of the lyrics have been written while they were recorded… Production-wise we have aimed for a sound that is shaping up in the U.S. at the moment, which I think is sick, and it’s something I really want to explore in my own way… We would also like to help redefine musical genres and help to develop the sound that is upcoming right now and make it shine. We think we have a sound that has not been seen in Denmark before. ”

We picked out some of our favorites from the EP.